About Us

Shembol Studio began in 2009 during an economic recession by Nathan Adams after a layoff.    Originally dedicated to the architectural profession, and finding difficulty in getting full-time employment during that season, Nathan decided to expand his skill set, stemming from the want to produce 3d media.  It started out with rendered architectural still images, and then the passion for modeling and animating objects was born.  To add to these new found skills, character animation then came into the scene.  Once the character animation came, then the idea was created to share tutorials and tips on how to create and animate using 3D software, particularly using Blender, the free open-source modeling software suite.  From this idea came the thought that anyone with a computer could do 3D animation if they had the desire and the drive to do so, and the idea of 'Animation for All' came into being.  Shembol Studio continues to provide content for educating people who want to learn to animate, and giving them the tools to practice this great form of art and to share it with the world.

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