Is it the Software or the user?

"Hey what software did use for that? " When it comes to the world of vfx, cgi and animation that is about the most question you get from up coming artist. Of course credit has to be given to the used software but a software is only advanced as the user behind the keyboard, I should know this because I use to ask the above question a lot. Maybe the right question to ask is "How long did that take you to do?"; there's a number of amazing animation software out there but getting those programmes will not give you those spectacular results you had in mind immediately which in turn leaves you dissatisfied and with the idea that the software is incompetent or over rated. It takes months to understand a software and years for a user to use it to its full capability which is harder when every few years or so a new version with added features is released. If you starting out in animation don't force yourself to learn everything there is to learn, let it come naturally, think of it as playing chess; the first time someone explains how each piece moves it seems like a lot to take in but once you get the grasp of how each piece moves you automatically begin to think of how to better your opponent, you think without being aware that you're thinking. The same goes with animation you learn bit by bit, from every project you gain experience which is carried over to the next, after a number of projects those bits make up a larger experience. Strive to be the best instead of striving to get the best software, no software can replace dedication and hard work, remember that the point of tutorials is to apply what you learn from them and not do exactly as you see in them. Use what you have and yes Microsoft paint can really do some amazing work so there is no excuse. Invest your time and hard work into the animations you make and before you know it you'll have someone asking "so what software was that?"