Punicus Character: Fendricks

Hi everyone! Today, the law firm of Punicus, Punicus, Punicus and Crook has a new member: Fendricks Dylmerkempland, the newest paralegal (which brings the total of paralegals in the firm to one).  He will be helping Mr. Punicus III in attempting to win some ridiculous lawsuits.  Job duties will include gathering information on cases run by Mr. Punicus, archiving and disposing of old case files (we can't leave those skeletons hanging about in the closet for someone else to discover now, can we?), and in all cases, prepare Mr. Punicus so that he's the guy that looks good.  So let's give Fendricks a warm welcome as he now begins his new job at the law firm of Punicus, Punicus, Punicus and Crook!

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