Welcome Back to the Work Week

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend.  For now, understandably, it's MONDAY!!!!!!  Monday definitely gets a bad rap.  A lot of us have had an enjoyable weekend, and because it was an enjoyable weekend, it comes to an abrupt screeching halt by bad guy Monday.

Doesn't sound like a fun day at all, does it? I mean, after all, if you work at a typical office job doing the 9 to 5 shift Monday through Friday, it's likely that you'll be planning out the week for your job.  You may also have some catching up to do from the previous week.

Now, while enduring a Monday is not the most appealing of things to do normally, Monday can be looked at differently as well.  Monday can also be a day of renewal.  It can be a new opportunity to prove to ourselves and to those around us what we can achieve in the coming week.  Monday can be a day to try to get ahead so that tasks that must be completed can be done early, and other tasks that aren't as important can be started later in the week.

Now the question comes: what is going on here at shembol.com? A new episode of 'Blender for All' is coming.  This episode will be about project organization in Blender, so I hope that you will check that out this weekend, I hope that you will learn something new, and that you will leave feedback about the episode.

What are some goals that you have for this week? Are there any questions on your mind as you try to accomplish these goals? I welcome comments in the comments section and hope to hear from you, and may you have a fulfilling and prosperous work week.