Project Setup in Blender for a Shapeways Model | Nathan's 3D Factory

Hi everyone! This is Nathan Adams, and I'm excited to present to you a new video and a new series: Nathan's 3D Factory.  This video is the first in my new series, called 'Project Setup in Blender for a Shapeways Model'.
I'll be starting a template to follow in this video, and I'm providing a free download as a resource for Shapeways modeling in Blender.  I'm going to be doing videos of producing Shapeways models in Blender, such as tablet cases, phone cases, figurines, interior decor, and I will also be taking viewer suggestions for new models to create.  The ultimate purpose in these videos for Nathan's 3D Factory will be twofold:

1. I am promoting my Shapeways shop and sharing with the world what I'm creating, getting feedback from my viewers as I'm creating these models.

2. I hope to be able to provide inspiration to other 3D artists who want to make 3D prints, whether it's through Shapeways or some other method.

I hope that as you watch this video, you'll take the time to leave feedback on how I can improve my videos, product/topic suggestions, or anything else that will ultimately help improve this new series.  I hope that you enjoy this new series, and I hope that I will hear a lot from you, the people who follow and support me and my artistic efforts.

Click here to download the .zip file for Shapeways resources.