Physics in Animation Tutorial

In today's tutorial, I will be talking about how to apply game engine physics into an animation in Blender using the built-in game engine. This tutorial will demonstrate how to add game physics properties to scene objects and how to configure Blender to record the object movements from within the game engine. This tutorial pertains to Blender 2.49. This tutorial is an intermediate level tutorial.


Text w/ Shadow Tutorial

Today's tutorial focuses on working with Gimp, an open-source image-editing program that is similar to Photoshop.


Ornament Tutorial

Hello everyone! Once again I have another 3D tutorial, and in this tutorial, we will be modeling a Christmas ornament (yes, I know, 'tis not the season, but I'm making this one available upon request).


Tablecloth Tutorial

Today's tutorial will be covering how to use the cloth simulation that is built into Blender 2.49. We will be modeling a simple table and then adding a "cloth" object to set on top of it.