Maya Tutorial: Adding a Texture for a UV Set

This is my first Maya tutorial.  It's a beginner level tutorial intended for Maya 2009 users.  I'm going to start putting Maya tutorials into the blog.  This tutorial talks about the process of adding an existing texture to an object in a Maya scene.  Honestly, this is a tutorial that I wished that I had before I attempted to add a material to a UV set.


Gimp tutorial: Neon Effect

Today's tutorial will be focused in on Gimp.  I found this effect to be quite useful, and I thought I'd pass this information on to the rest of you.  One of my passions is to share what I've learned about artistic design methods with everyone else.  To demonstrate what I've learned, I've provided this tutorial for you to check out.


Light Switch Tutorial

This tutorial focuses on driven ipo curves, or using an object in your scene to control another object's behavior. The application of this method of animation can be used in many instances, such as wheels turning on a vehicle, or an automatic door being opened in a grocery store.


Game Engine Explanation Tutorial

This tutorial focuses on some issues that new Blender users may find when starting out on the game engine.  This tutorial was done in response to an inquiry on a previous tutorial.  Common issues that arise include the following:
  • Walls disappearing in play mode
  • Objects not colliding correctly
  • Objects randomly moving at the beginning of play mode
This tutorial will cover basic ways on how to resolve these types of issues.  Let me know what you think of this tutorial and what you would like to see in the future.  I always appreciate feedback.


Skateboard Ramp Tutorial

This tutorial will be covering how to model a skateboard half-pipe in Blender. The method I use to model this ramp involves proportional edit falloff with sharp falloff. This video is a follow-up of an inquiry that someone had posted. As always, I appreciate feedback and suggestions on future tutorials.