Making an iPad Case in Blender - Part 2 | Nathan's 3D Factory

Hi folks! I'm glad to have you here for another episode of 'Nathan's 3D Factory'.  I'm finalizing the modeling of my Trussworks iPad Case that I'm offering for sale in my Shapeways shop.  I'm enjoying making these new products, and I hope that you're enjoying watching these videos as I'm sharing them.  I also hope that as I'm making these products, sharing them and offering them for sale, that you'll find a product that you'll enjoy and display proudly, and if you haven't found that product yet, that you'll let me know what product might interest you.  I can also feature this custom made 3D printed product on my show if you would like, so let me know in the comments below, or you can send me a private message by emailing me at feedback@shembol.com and including in the subject line "Custom Product Request".

As promised, I have my product available at shapeways.com, but you can check it out right here in this post by scrolling down a little further.

Booyah! This is awesome! I love being able to offer this directly to you on my website.  Anyway, thank you for following my stuff.  You guys are awesome!


Making an iPad Case in Blender | Nathan's 3D Factory

Hi folks! It's good to be sharing with you again.  In this episode of 'Nathan's 3D Factory', I'm making an iPad case in Blender.  This model will be made to export to Shapeways and sold there.  This is the first part of my work in progress.  I'm modeling the basic structure for the back of this iPad case.  In the next episode, I'll be doing the front of the iPad case and adding details to the case, such as locations to allow for the camera, plugin device locations, and other details.  Stay tuned for that show as well.  Also, I'll be taking feedback as to what type of material you'd like to see for this iPad case.  Feel free to follow along with this video.  I hope you enjoy this video and that you comment on my content.  Thanks!


Project Setup in Blender for a Shapeways Model | Nathan's 3D Factory

Hi everyone! This is Nathan Adams, and I'm excited to present to you a new video and a new series: Nathan's 3D Factory.  This video is the first in my new series, called 'Project Setup in Blender for a Shapeways Model'.