Blender Tutorial: The Making of a Star

Hello once again from the world of 3D animation! This is a beginner tutorial detailing how to make a perfectly symmetrical 5-point star.
We go through making a polygon and then modifying it with the knife tool to make the cuts.


Blender Tutorial: Creating a Jack-o-Lantern Part 4

This the last part of our 4-part series of the Jack-o-Lantern.  Enjoy making this creepy rendition of the beloved Halloween classic.


Blender Tutorial: Creating a Jack-o-Lantern Part 3

The 3rd part of the Halloween jack-o-lantern modeling and animation series has arrived.  In this episode, we get to prep the model for animation.  This isn't just your building a still 3D model that will stay the same forever unless you make painful changes.  This is making your model realtime and bestowing life to it.  LIFE!!!!!!


Blender Tutorial: Creating a Jack-o-Lantern Part 2

Hello everyone! This is part 2 of the Jack-o-Lantern tutorials being run throughout the entire month of October, and in this tutorial, we take the pumpkin that we created in the last episode and carve it, just like the real thing, except without the messy guts (ewww!)


Blender Tutorial: Creating a Jack-o-Lantern Part 1

Well, a very long awaited tutorial has once again come from Shembol Studio, and we're excited to present this tutorial, and being that it is October, something in the theme of, oh, let's say, Halloween would be appropriate.